“ With external winds changing directions rather frequently, a capable Chief Transformation officer is must to orchestrate change that drive results…”

This is a uniquely customized premium consulting, coaching and mentoring service, offered on ‘retainership’ format. This is led by our founder Dr. Alok who believes that change management and business transformations (CMBT) is a habit that successful enterprises build in their DNA. Leaders don’t like flowing with the winds. They like to fly through the winds. Any winning aspiration comes with a change agenda. These are at the levels of Vision, Mission, Values, Strategies, priorities for focus, business plans, culture, operational capabilities, organisational structures, Management systems etc. Hence, many build a strategy office by appointing Chief Transformation Officer. This is a good approach as it builds a committed role at the board level, with eyes focusing beyond the bend, in ‘building the future’. Most mid-size companies can’t afford to dedicate such a senior resource full time. Whether you have a CTO or not, you do a lot better with this retainer service help to steer any change.

Our strongest proposition of CreoVate Retainership Service covers end2end most comprehensive & customized agenda at the fraction of true successful transformation cost. Dr Alok himself commits 1, 2, 5 or more days a month on a long term engagement starting with six months to a year & going beyond, as client needs. So you get a CTO or a business mentor to your internal CTO in co-creating a roadmap of future readiness and seeing it through. Many clients often use this service towards constructing strategy, putting implementation framework or honing people capabilities through highly effective training, coaching & consulting interventions.

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