“Enormous talent is locked with-in people. It is called potential. unlocking what we are capable of, is a lot more crucial than leveraging what we are. This is indeed a game changer.…”

It is a strong belief in CreoVate that all people in organisations  have visible strengths, invisible hidden talents and un-noticed blind spots which they are unaware of, and which, often emerge as rocks of obstacles in their career.

We believe that Capabilities is a sum of competencies and abilities. Competencies are aggregated from experience, knowledge and hard functional skills. Let’s call these as ‘EKS’, an easier part to build in the organisations. The challenge is the abilities that essentially shapes your business character. This is the combination of Mindsets, Values, beliefs, preferences and drives. Let’s call these as ‘Mi-VBPD’. Most of our potential stays locked due to our strong beliefs and gets unlocked as we alter these beliefs.

CreoVate Executive coaching services is aimed at exactly that. Coaching is considered as the most effective way of handling people development involving behavioural change. Interestingly, the universal weak link in every change and business transformation, is the inability of people to change. This process is handled with utmost confidentiality personally by Dr Alok to create safe change environment. Usually a 90 minutes session every month for 6-10 months is recommended to create enduring behavioural change. By Feb 2021, Dr Alok has coached 40 senior leaders across 11 organisations in 3 countries in Asia, many of whom are CEOs in billion dollar organisations. Dr Alok is a certified international leadership coach.

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