“ Setting vision, mission, care values or best ideas on strategies, priorities, alignments with purpose & goals, decision commitments, assessing new opportunities, new customer experience, reconfiguring business models or just about anything new and next don’t happen merely with top down directives or with collective meetings. Facilitation is the key…”

For most, the new agenda is always thrilling and challenging. However, getting everyone behind that, is not easy. The process of creating commitments on your transformational journey is a lot more critical than walking on it. Thousands of precious productive man-hours get spent into execution of strategy, chasing new goals, designing and following new management systems, but real magic occurs when participants create energy of alignment. This is a unique ‘value’ that a facilitator can create. Whether it is at the beginning of the year in annual kick off or at the mid-term strategic retreat or, let’s say, at a new team alignment exercise or to build interdependent role expectations for a seamless committed team work. Facilitation makes your emotional connection to the commonly crafted agenda to make it as ‘our agenda’ and not merely an inert ‘management agenda’.

In change management and business transformation language, we call it as getting your elephant behind the rider. This happens when we don’t communicate decisions but use facilitation to arrive at decisions, which in most cases, are the same or closely similar but intensely more powerful. CreoVate facilitation Service is moderated by Dr Alok who has successfully facilitated multiple sessions. He calls it as a problem-solving magic.

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