“Out of various streams of Organisational Capabilities, People capabilities emerge as the mother of all…”

At CreoVate, we believe, that the biggest lever, where most, mid-size as well as large organizations struggle, is not the strategy but the element of ‘building capabilities’. Many times, change management & business transformation (CMBT) fails, as there is over emphasis to the finishing line than building muscles which are like capabilities for organizations. While there are several streams, we believe ‘People capabilities’ is the mother of all & lie at the heart of any transformational journey, aimed at driving results. Hence we have CreoVate learning workshop services which are conducted by Dr Alok Bharadwaj, based entirely on applied practices in foundational, contextual as well as leadership capabilities.

Our starting point is always at the leadership level, as, that impacts organisation behaviour. We create customized learning flow based on multiple topics that essentially fall in 4 broad streams namely, Strategy and Change, Leadership & Culture, Sales & marketing and talent effectiveness. These workshops become a lot more powerful when integrated with contemporary methodologies of learning journeys, peer to peer P2P Learning café, Action Learning projects (ALPs) to create deeper level  learning aimed at making people better & producing visible outcomes. By Feb 2021, over 2000 learners across 50 organisations in 3 countries have enhanced their learning with CreoVate.

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