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“You don’t climb Everest without a Sherpa…”

New market entry is always thrilling and challenging. Currently, there are 4591 multinational companies registered in India. With a consistent high growth story, India will see many more. We see organizations entering with pencil & eraser. They decide strategies, set up operations, undo some part, re-write, learn, change & take time to solidify. On an average, foreign companies take 5 years to settle down before articulating clear India centric strategy. Even much longer when it comes to building capabilities that really matter. Usually or quite naturally, most do cntrl+V of their globally well tried market entry recipe.

India entry management is not so easy. It is complex, diversified and fragmented. It is also changing very fast. CreoVate believes that any market entry has three axes of pay offs. Time, cost & quality. These are best achieved with a guide. You don’t climb Everest without a Sherpa. Business mentoring from Indian expert practitioners for India entry makes this stage less struggling. This is our favourite turf as we believe market entry to be like laying foundation. ‘CreoVate BOT service’ is the Build-Operate & Transfer practice, perfectly designed to help foreign companies climb the learning curve faster than they otherwise would.

Multinational entrants do form local teams to connect with customers, distribution channel and marketing agencies. They need capabilities and more importantly alignment with leadership vision. With 16 years experience in Japanese management culture in top leadership roles, our founder deploys many Japanese philosophies in helping create foundation aligned to mother company, help build DNA for Indian entity. If it mandates, we do initial operations successfully before handing over. All under close coordination & ‘Nemawashi’.



“ With external winds changing directions rather frequently, a capable Chief Transformation officer is must to orchestrate change that drive results…”

Supported with network of partners in CreoVate eco-system, this uniquely customized premium service is offered on ‘retainership’ format. This is led by our founder Dr. Alok who believes that CMBT is a habit that successful enterprises build in their DNA. Almost all of them create a TA (transformation Anchor) by appointing Chief Transformation Officer. This is a good approach as we build a committed role at the board level, with eyes beyond the bend, in ‘building the future’. Most mid size companies can’t afford to dedicate such a senior resource full time.

Our strongest proposition of ‘CreoVate Retainership Service’ covers end2end most comprehensive agenda at the fraction of that cost. Dr Alok himself commits 2 days a week on a long term engagement starting with one year & going beyond as client needs. So you get a CTO or a business mentor to your internal CTO to co-create roadmap of future performance readiness.



“ Out of various streams of Organisational Capabilities, People capabilities emerge as the mother of all…

At CreoVate, we believe, that the biggest lever, where most, mid segment as well as large organizations struggle, is not the strategy but the element of ‘building capabilities’. Many times, CMBT fails as there is over emphasis to the finishing line than building muscles which are like capabilities for organizations. While there are several streams of capabilities, we believe ‘People capabilities’ is the mother of all & at the heart of any transformational journey, aimed at driving results. Hence we have practices in foundational, contextual as well as leadership capabilities.

Our starting point is always at the leadership level & at the mindset button as that impacts behaviour. Our flagship mindset intervention ‘Management to Leadership’ seeds new bahavioural urgencies bringing collaboration, innovation & influencing skills. Our ‘CreoVate Capabilities Service’ uses contemporary methodologies of learning journeys, P2P learning, Learning café to create enduring behavioural change at a deeper level as these interventions come from practitioners and not academicians.



“ Value creation is just half the proposition, until it is delivered and its Value captured… ”

CreoVate considers GTM within first mile of transformation as the vital ‘Revenue streams’ are embedded in its architecture. Its blue print defines ‘Value’ delivery and determines the competitive edge for market leaders. Hence it is always seen that organizational Value Proposition is not just creation. Real Value is captured only at the touch points of delivery. Hence to scale the business and to build futuristic streams of revenue, all enterprises put a priority in leveraging their GTM architecture.

We help leadership to build or transform GTM framework. We examine and help to identify best practices appropriate to your domains in aspects of sales channel, distribution network, key partnerships, marketing mix, customer service, product or service life cycle planning etc. Our expertise on both B2C and B2B domains comes from experience & understanding of market leaders. This shortens the GTM transformation cycle time, risk & costs for the clients. Our practice is not complete till you see sprouted green shoots.



“Accurate description of your business is not by the founders but best articulated by your customers”…

We believe, connection between customer and the company is the most critical part of readying your organization for future. Winning strategy always begins with deeper level understanding of the customer. After all, the very pursuit of any profit centric organization is ‘demand generation’. Our customer strategy practice helps you examine your drivers of your core customer value proposition (CVP), degree of customer intimacy, best practices in capturing Voice of the customer (VoC), building CRM, customer journey, acquisition, loyalty, churn, retention & advocacy strategy.

Most importantly, with altered business landscape, large number of customer touch points have emerged which have profound impact on customer ‘Value’. Hence holistic Customer Experience (CX) is the new currency of differentiation. We analyse customer strategy ab-initio, using 5 CreoVate canvas tools. Evaluating alternatives and choosing options is fundamental part of any change management. We believe on data and validation, before recommending a ‘Creovate Customer Strategy’ agenda

Dr.Alok Bharadwaj

Dr.Alok Bharadwaj

In his illustrious leadership journey, Dr. Alok has transitioned from a leading International corporate top management professional to a business consultant, transformation expert & learning facilitator. His last roles were in Singapore as SVP Canon Corporate strategy centre, head of Canon Asia L&D Academy & Asia regional Governing Board member that governs 23 countries. His drive on transformational practices, strategic road-mapping, organisational excellence and building future capabilities won him huge accolades. Previously, he was EVP-COO of Canon India, where his business acumen, strategic vision and execution leadership, helped exponential growth of 20 times in 13 years in making India the largest market in Asia after China.

Alok was conferred honorary doctorate in 2011. He was listed in top 100 global influencers by in 2012. PR week Asia has featured him in Global Power Book 2016 edition. Asian Photography publication rated him as “The Most Influential Person in Photography. He has also been awarded as “The Best CMO in India” by US-CMO Council. He has also led IT industry body as President. Alok is a recognized speaker in several Asian platforms & a common face in industry forums, panels and Juries.

Besides Canon, Alok has worked in several leadership positions in Motorola, Tata & Shriram group and is an alumnus of IMD Lausanne, Switzerland & FMS Delhi.

Mirror Mirror on the wall….. Where do I begin my transformation?

Mirror Mirror on the wall….. Where do I begin my transformation?

There are two things that are common to leaders of all business entities, big or small. They all need business growth & they all worry the future. Exactly for this reason, here is this ‘one’ word that can’t escape them. It contains both a dream and the nightmare; In business world, we call it ‘transformation’. It carries the most anticipated promise as well as the most terrifying insecurity. Its biggest paradox is damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Simply put, we have entered into the era of discontinuity. The future is snapped from the past. Linearity is gone. This is what is re-writing the rules of business models, success & winning strategies. Hence we must embrace this ‘word’ & become a producer-director of the script of transformation.

Bigger purpose of discussion is to figure out, where to begin? This precious thought stays in our minds all the time. In this piece, let us examine potential, deeper level changes in the very first mile of transformation. It is interesting when I asked this question to many business organisations across Asian markets. Perhaps, due to the national culture with different support ecosystems and partly due to stage in evolution of markets, the treatment of ‘first mile’ of transformation varied. To some, first mile is meant to examine the cost structures to address competitiveness. To others, it is capabilities of practices, process or people or even their go-to-market architecture. While, there is no consensus on which first mile transformation should leaders attempt, there indeed is wide acceptance, that continuous transformation is key for survival and prosperity. It is the plate that is never empty of unfinished agenda.

If I have my pick, I always consider ‘customer’ piece to be the first mile that needs leaders’ first examination. Not just, because, customers are important for all business entities but also because this element is dynamic, has the highest change quotient and is the centre of gravity for all transformations in any business unit. I have seen successful entrepreneurs looking at this piece in 5 blocks. Together, these blocks attempt to construct, future-proof architecture of ‘first mile’ transformation. Let’s introspect.

The first block that needs to come on the operation theatre table is the ‘Value Proposition’ that we offer to our customers, the very core of any business. Basically, there are just two things any business does, Creation of value and delivery of value. Both when combined becomes the value proposition. Simple way to transform this element, is by asking what problem of the customer are we solving? Is there a better, cheaper or faster way we can solve. This makes a good recipe for transformation.

The second block for CT Scan is what I call ‘Key Partnerships’. No business can stabilize, grow & scale up without network effect of partner facilitators. This is not a one time fixture. It needs continuous reconfiguration & reinforcements. I always recommend to create a list of ABC categories of our partners. Periodicity of review, addition, alteration varies category-wise. We must recognize that rapid changes are occurring in the partners’ domains too. I have always used partnership index as a standard measure to track the pulse of this transformation. Changes in customers’ requirements, industry eco-systems and Govt regulations are constantly pushing us to keep re-defining key partnerships.

The third block to come under scalpel is in revenue model canvas called ‘Revenue Streams’. In today’s world, we cannot scale up operations based on single revenue stream. Naturally, vulnerability will be too high & risk of commoditization even higher. There is also a lifecycle of each stream. Organizations are better off, constantly architecting a canvas with multiple streams. At a very broad level, there are two categories, transactional and recurring. Within these, you can imagine enormous opportunities into multiple domains, practices & verticals around your business nodes. I am told that even for a simple musician category, there are potential 47 revenue streams.

The fourth block under the spotlight in the first mile transformation is what is famously called ‘CRM’. If your business depends on repeat customer engagements and every handshake occasion across touch points is aiding or eroding relationships, then this piece needs urgent transformation. You may have a compelling product or service but if you don’t transform the customer experience, you will lose out. CRM is indeed the backbone of first mile of business. We must transform interactions. I have experienced this block to be the most complex but most impactful.

The last block that must be brought to the operating table is what everybody calls as ‘VOC’. The voice of the customer is most talked about but least understood aspect of customer centricity. The proof is very much in the pudding. Usually, it is always a good idea to start with VoC driven transformation as it brings outside-in perspectives. My first question to leaders, is always to check how they capture inputs and insights of customers, who all see and act on it and how does that embed in their transformational journey. It is often said that best strategic ideas leadership get is not from with-in but when they listen to their customers.

So much for the first mile of transformation. It is good to begin here. The impact on business growth will be immediate. We can always ask the Mirror for next set of transformation later!

The writer is former senior VP with Canon regional HQ Singapore that governs 23 countries in South & Southeast Asia. He is renowned for his expertise in the domains of strategy, change & transformation, workplace innovations and business partnerships. He is an MBA from IMD Lausanne and FMS Delhi. His twitter handle is @alokcanon. To know more about him visit